Water, wildlife and people

Publication date:
October 2008
Despite human dependence upon ecosystem services, such as food protection and the purification of water and air, society persists in damaging them through our behaviour and resource use. As human populations continue to grow, an ecosystems-based approach is required to ensure equitable and sustainable decision-making for resource use. This issue presents the case for placing a value on ecosystems and coordinated mechanisms for their management.
  1. Water, wildlife and people - Mark Everard
  2. Rebalancing the interests of wildlife and people - Paul Raven
  3. Why wetlands matter to people - Rob McInnes
  4. Taking an ecosystems approach - Bernice C. Cullis
  5. Valuing ecosystem benefits - William watts; Ino Kremezi
  6. Land use management in agriculture and horticulture and the consequences for water availability and quality - Heather Barrett-Mold
  7. United utilities sustainable catchment management programme - Martin McGrath; David Crawshaw
  8. South Africa's journey to equity, sustainability and efficiency - Barbara Weston; Derek Weston
  9. Working for water - Guy Preston; Mark Everard
  10. The socio-economics of river management - Myles Mander; Mark Everard
  11. Ecosystems, water and our common futures - Andrew Barrett-Mold

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