Adrian Punt

Dr Adrian Punt is co-director and co-owner of RadEcol Consulting Ltd, specialising in supporting UK and international nuclear sector clients. In his role, Adrian provides technical management support to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority R&D programme and is Technical Secretary to the Nuclear Industry Group on Land Quality.

After completing an MSc in Applied Marine Science, Adrian studied for a PhD in numerical modelling of contaminant behaviour and transport in estuarine systems, leading to a consulting job modelling radioactive liquid effluent discharges from UK nuclear industry sites. From here, he worked on a number of projects across different consulting organisations, gaining valuable environmental radioactivity and radiological impact assessment experience whilst also broadening his technical engagement to include land management and waste. After a number of years working in the field, Adrian and a co-worker took it upon themselves to establish RadEcol and begin trading in 2013.

Being a consultant and running a consultancy business is not easy, it requires a blend of commercial and technical skills, determination and most of all hard work. It is a challenging, but rewarding environment – something I very much enjoy”

Currently, Adrian is working on a number of projects with multiple clients across the UK, with a key interest in ‘Site End State’ determination for nuclear decommissioning facilities and legacy sites. This is an area of both legislative and regulatory change within the UK and has provided both interesting challenges and exciting opportunities.

“Firstly, a near term objective is to achieve CEnv status. I have signed up for the IES ‘CEnv in a Day’ course in Manchester in June. A big thank you to IES for introducing an assessment day in the north.”

In the future Adrian plans to become more involved in the International Atomic Energy Agency and in international guidance, balancing these demands alongside the challenges of running a small business. As for the long term plan, who knows what the future holds!

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