Freddie Kennedy

Freddie recently moved to AtkinsRéalis to be Associate Director in the Sustainable Land and Resource Management practice. His role includes technical oversight of land condition assessments and remediation design on large and complex schemes, management and bid support. Freddie progressed to his current position by dedicating himself to the technical aspects of land condition appraisal from the start of his career. From working at a wide range of consultancies and specialist contractors, he has a deep appreciation of the risks and opportunities involved in developing brownfield land. Freddie is also involved in the PFAS working group at AtkinsRéalis, and has a special interest in emerging contaminant issues.

The most challenging and rewarding aspects of Freddie's work include embedding sustainability in projects right from the start. While advocating for this approach is relatively straightforward, convincing clients and key stakeholders to invest in sustainability studies and appraisals from project inception can be difficult. However, when the right resources are available, Freddie has found that there is huge potential for land condition professionals to optimise sustainability performance on their projects. In particular, this includes resource efficiency, waste generation, soil and water quality, carbon emissions, ecosystem services, biodiversity and pollution control. Achieving sustainable solutions requires significant cross-discipline coordination, and although this can be challenging, Freddie strongly believes that land condition professionals are well positioned to be a focal point for sustainable project delivery.

Freddie’s future career goals include supporting the Sustainable Land and Resource Management practice at AtkinsRéalis, and optimising land condition studies and sustainability performance on significant projects. He also hopes to continue to develop PFAS liability management solutions.

Freddie became a member of the IES because the membership includes a wide variety of professionals, who collectively have the skills and experience to enable a sustainable future. To deliver sustainable development, we must effectively collaborate across disciplines, and being a member of the IES enables that.

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