Janet Young

Janet is an Environmental Scientist at Magnox Ltd, a management and operations contractor responsible for twelve nuclear and one hydroelectric plant in the UK. Her role involves working as part of a specialist team to determine the detailed end state at individual nuclear licensed sites. Her team’s fundamental responsiblility is to ensure a nuclear site reaches a condition at which it can be released from radioactive substance regulation, whilst also recognising the interests and impacts on the health of people as well as the the environment during the entire period.

Janet has worked in the environmental sector since 1992 after receiving a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from Lancaster University. After embarking on her career on a holiday job which saw her involved in a Nirex project with the British Geological Survey, she spent 9 years at Golder Associates where she worked as an Environmental Consultant, specialising in contaminated land and due diligence, exposing her to European environmental regulations. During her time in this role, Janet undertook an MSc in Contaminated Land Management at Nottingham Trent University, with focus on risk assessment.

Building on her due diligence experience, Janet obtained an assurance role in the nuclear industry and began honing her skills in nuclear site licensing and health and safety legislation. Subsequently, she completed five years on site as a Nuclear Safety Inspector within Magnox holding a crucial role on the National Emergency Scheme. With all this experience under her belt, Janet returned to her original environmental discipline as an Environmental Technical Specialist and acheived Membership of the IES in 2012.

The IES is most relevant to my career path, and the magazines are very informative. It provides a route to the role of Chartered Scientist and is also recognised across Europe.”

Janet enjoys working within an environment that allows her to be creative in the scientific discipline, as well as working away on site. Her career has led her to work on a diversity of projects including her first gas work investigation which became the location of the 2012 Olympic Park; a site investigation that led to the construction of the Channel Tunnel; and, more recently, making the case for a ‘lead and learn’ site to trial the new guidance for the release of nuclear sites from Radioactive Substances Regulation. From here, Janet hopes to continue doing enjoyable, interesting and challenging work with a team committed to protecting public health and interests, and the integrity of the environment.

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