Rebecca Finbow
July 2023

CEDHE Forum: Skills for net zero - what employers want wrap-up

On the 25th May, the Community for Environmental Disciplines in Higher Education (CEDHE), hosted their annual forum: Skills for net zero – what employers want

The net zero transition is set to transform the economy and workforce over the coming decades. In order to tackle the interlinked environmental and social challenges our society faces it will be essential that we have a knowledgeable, trusted and skilled environmental science profession; a profession that will think critically, drive innovation and work collaboratively. 

Delivery of the net zero transition is therefore contingent upon a workforce which is equipped with the necessary skills to deliver transformative change across sectors and industries. This forum brought together voices from across academia and industry to explore the skills that environmental science graduates will need to play their part in the transition to net zero and explored how programmme leaders can ensure skills for net zero are embedded within the delivery of their programmes.  

A number of key themes from the forum are discussed below. 

What next?

There is a clear need for students to leave university with the skills that will enable them to become agents of change within the environment sector. Therefore, along with a strong environmental science underpinning, programme leaders need to design programmes that provide students with a range of opportunities to work collaboratively, tackle real-world issues, be innovative and develop key communication tools, all of which will enable graduates to be most effective in their roles as environmental professionals.  


These forum conversations support the sharing of knowledge between institutions and demonstrate what innovative work is being done throughout the sector to support the development of the environmental scientists of the future. These conversations also generate ideas around how the IES and CEDHE can continue to support member institutions through facilitating industry connections, spotlighting career journeys and supporting our student members in developing the skills they will need as they embark on their career in the sector. 

How can you get involved?