Robert Ashcroft & Adam Donnan
August 2018

Helping members working in EIA prove competence

The IES should support its members in adapting to changes in the EIA regulations, and to develop and demonstrate their own competence. It is important to members that their professional body sets out clear policies and expectations, both for clarity, and to protect them in the event their competence is challenged under the new regulations.

This discussion paper (pdf) summarises key outcomes of the series of consultation activities taken between April and July 2018. It lays out some options for activities that the IES could undertake to help members prove comptenece.

The proposals outlined in the paper are early stage ideas – the IES is considering all options with an open mind. To help us progress, we are keen to hear the views of as many members as possible on these ideas. To this end, we have created an online questionnaire to gather feedback on the discussion paper.  This questionnaire closes on 2nd October 2018.