Tim Flach
December 2021

IES Webinar- How to lead change and evoke empathy through animal portraiture

Picture of a tiger shaking water out of its fur.

Conservationists and environmentalists have struggled with the question of how to inspire policy change and influence public opinion. The likes of Sir David Attenborough have taught us that imagery and connecting to the natural world are powerful tools in evoking empathy in our policy makers and inspiring real, lasting change.

This webinar, presented by acclaimed animal photographer Tim Flach, explores his body of work, particularly in terms of how depictions of animals can powerfully connect us with them and evoke empathy, thereby leading to possible conservation actions.

Flach has always been fascinated with why certain images have emerged and what they have in common. In this talk he discusses perceptual theories around luminance and colour, left gaze bias, and composition.