Jess Shaw
May 2023

IES Webinar - Sustainable demolition and circular economy

The built environment uses almost half of the worlds materials extracted each year and as of 2016, the construction and demolition sector in the UK is responsible for 62% (66.2 million tonnes) of the total waste generated.

Demolition has a reputation for being a wasteful industry. Work within this area has traditionally followed a linear approach and currently demolition is largely about waste removal. However, many construction companies have net zero targets to meet in the coming years and the spotlight is on the industry as it threatens the ability to meet these.  

But can we create a shift in attitudes within the demolition industry to create a more sustainable approach to the way we deal with end-of-life assets?  Can we use demolition as an opportunity to reduce carbon production in the construction industry?  This webinar focused on the driving forces and needs behind the shift from a linear to circular economy, how this can be achieved and the future of the demolition and end of life asset industry.