Adrian Mill
February 2023

Implementing ESIA – What ESIA practitioners need to know

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) practitioners work hard to produce detailed studies, but often there is a considerable difference between the measures contained in the ESIA and those which actually get implemented. This is exacerbated in emerging economies, where Western consultancies regularly make recommendations that are very difficult to achieve in an emerging markets setting.

The responsibility for implementing an ESIA usually rests either with a Project Manager with little E&S background, or an ESG / HSEC Manager who may not fully understand how to implement the ESIA’s findings. Further, ESIA practitioners at times do not fully appreciate the constraints to implementation nor the overall business case of their client, meaning certain measures are difficult for the implementation team to realise on the ground.

This webinar draws from over 20 years of experience in development and implementation of ESIA, highlighting key barriers to implementation during and after the ESIA process, as well as solutions to ensure that ESIA measures are implemented as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.