Bud Pope
April 2022

Integration of remote (satellite) sensors with traditional ground sensors

In this webinar, Bud Pope, CEO of BlueSky Resources, outlined trends in the emerging greenhouse gas and air quality sensor and data market, along with the challenges and opportunities facing industry and their stakeholders. Examples of multi-sensor deployments, data from satellite to ground, predictive analytics, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches were also explored.  View the webinar recording on their website.

BlueSky Resources (BSR) harmonizes data science and technology for atmospheric, emissions, and air quality measurements to provide understanding and insights to respond quickly and cost-effectively. Visit Blue Sky Resources' website to find out how BSR is helping companies in waste management, oil & gas, mining, chemicals, and other industrial sectors to make sense of GHG and air quality emissions data and improve board, investor, and community relations through reporting transparency.