Kent Wildlife Trust
November 2022

Kent Wildlife Trust's approach to integrating NbS finance in delivering nature recovery

This webinar explores Kent Wildlife Trust's approach to integrating Nature-based Solutions finance in delivering nature recovery - including the stackability of mandated (Biodiversity Net Gain/Nutrient Neutrality) and voluntary schemes (Wilder Carbon). 

About Kent Wildlife Trust
Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) are one of 46 national Wildlife Trusts, Kent's largest conservation charity and at the leading edge of new approaches to delivering nature recovery. The Trust owns and manages 80 nature reserves across Kent, covering c4000ha of land, work at a landscape scale with farmers, landowners, other eNGOs and statutory agencies to deliver landscape scale project and opportunities.

KWT are in the process of realigning our work to focus on the long-term opportunities offered by NbS funding to deliver our charitable objectives in partnership with our subsidiaries, Adonis Consulting and Wilder Carbon which together make up Kent Wildlife Group. 

This webinar was organised as part of a programme of IES activities aligned with the Presidency themes for COP27. The 16th November is Biodiversity Day, focussing on the discussion about the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and the means to mobilize the global actions towards the challenges to halt biodiversity loss and to reduce the impacts of climate change and pollution.