Heather MacFarlane
March 2023

Safer Circles: Managing chemicals in a Circular Economy

Our linear models of consumption where products are used and then treated as waste are not sustainable. Governments, communities and businesses around the world are now looking to build circular economies where products are designed to last and stay in use through rental, repair, remanufacture and ultimately recycling. With the EU exploring Sustainable Design concepts and a Circular Economy Bill under consideration in Scottish Government the future looks circular.  

This webinar we explored the challenges going circular poses for managing chemicals in products. What lessons can we learn from the unintended consequences uncovered in latest chemical pollution research? How do endocrine disrupters from plastic and receipts end up on our fields? Why do banned flame retardants appear in food packaging and gannets? And how do forever chemicals PFAS get into compost? We discussed policies and industry best practice that can prevent locking hazardous chemicals into endless cycles of exposure.