Challenging perceptions in land condition

Publication date:
February 2018

As cities and towns nationwide look for innovative ways to tackle the housing crisis, land condition professionals dedicate themselves to unlocking land that was otherwise written off for development. With an increasing drive for accessible green space, remediated sites now not only provide much needed space for housing, but the chance for green spaces in the heart of our cities. This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST highlights some of the key challenges and opportunities currently being tackled by land condition professionals. This issue delves into the legislation surrounding land condition and land use, as well as how modern sustainability technologies and techniques are being incorporated into remediation practice.

  1. Working together to unlock the potential of brownfield sites – Linsey Cottrell
  2. Contaminated land management: Do legislation and industry practice work hand-in-hand? – Charlie Knox
  3. How risk-based remediation enabled the safe and sustainable reuse of 350,000 tonnes of contaminated material – Anna Hitchmough, Felipe Couto and Lucy Thomas
  4. Brownfield registers and Permission in Principle – Ann Barker and Michael Eaglestone
  5. Sunshine on the Tyne: Sustainable hydrocarbon remediation at Redheugh Gasworks – Emma King, Tim Vickers and Neil Whalley
  6. Sustainable remediation: It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it! – C. Paul Nathanail
  7. Incorporating sustainability into land condition assessments – Vivien Dent
  8. Approaching asbestos: Remediation and reuse – Simon Eden and Patricia Gill
  9. Changing landscapes and unlocking land – Paddy Fowler and Paul Sheehan
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