From climate ambition to action

Publication date:
December 2021

COP26 presented a potentially pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, bringing together global leaders to negotiate the new Glasgow Climate Pact. This edition of the journal considers climate change impacts and solutions across natural and human systems, and asks the question: has COP26 delivered? Articles examine the achievements and disappointments of the conference, the benefits of natural climate solutions, the powers and influence of local government, the critical role of the ocean in tackling climate change, and many more topics.

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  1. How can we keep to 1.5? – Jim Skea
  2. COP26, Glasgow, November 2021 – David Viner
  3. Unpacking the outcomes of COP26 – Raphaëlle Vallet
  4. Sustainable consumption – Justin Bishop
  5. Circular economy practice on a small island – Kripa Dwarakanath, Daniella-Louise Bourne and Kirsty Platt
  6. Ocean–climate ambitions within the current international framework – Beth Siddons and Kathryn Collins
  7. The Blue Climate Initiative – Jeanne Everett, Lorin Fries and Neil Davies
  8. Weather, climate and perceptions of risk – Mark Everard
  9. Mobilising private capital for nature-based solutions – Raphaëlle Vallet, David Viner, Adrian Barnes, Robin Grenfell and Hannah Whyte
  10. Harnessing the full benefits of natural climate solutions  Evan Bowen-Jones
  11. Local authorities and climate action – Adam Williams
  12. From pledges to plans: has COP26 delivered? – Ethny Childs and Joseph Lewis
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