Ecosystem restoration: Securing biodiversity, complexity and resilience

Publication date:
September 2022

The case for ecological restoration goes way beyond reasons of biodiversity recovery for the sake of biodiversity alone; it is also fundamental for our health, wellbeing and economy, and tackling climate change. Inspired and guest-edited by the Restoring Resilient Ecosystems project, this edition of environmental SCIENTIST brings together scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss our approaches to ecological restoration and address the need for securing ecological complexity and connectivity to establish ecosystems and landscapes that are well-functioning and resilient under ongoing environmental change.

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  1. Restoring resilient, healthy and functioning ecosystems – Ruth D. Waters
  2. Securing our landscapes and ecosystems for the future – Jim Harris, James Bullock, Kirsty Park, Rosie Hails, Ben McCarthy and Kevin Watts
  3. The challenges of ecosystem restoration – Kirsty Park, Ben McCarthy and Jim Harris
  4. Restoring complexity for ecosystem functions and resilience – James Bullock, Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor, Rosie Hails, Ben McCarthy, Kirsty Park, Emily Waddell, Kevin Watts, Maico Weites, Ross Barnett, Sam Rogerson, Matt Guy and Jim Harris
  5. The role of woodland creation in enhancing ecological complexity – Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor
  6. Going underground – Oscar Aguinaga and Mark Pawlett
  7. The UK and international policy frameworks: a new dawn? – Ben McCarthy and Jim Harris
  8. Supporting climate resilience for nature in our network of protected sites – Simon Duffield, Humphrey Crick, Mike Morecroft and Kim Owen
  9. Will biodiversity net gain lead to ecosystem restoration? – Christopher Nichols, Rebecca Pullinger, Ben McCarthy, Neil Riddle, Sam Lattaway and Nick White
  10. Restoration and resilience: soils, climate and nature – Clive Mitchell
  11. Broom East Wildlife Conservation Site – Enrique Moran Montero
  12. East Chevington Nature Reserve – Mark Carey and Duncan Hutt
  13. Creating tomorow's woodlands for nature recovery – Vanessa Burton
  14. The National Trust's Wicken Fen nature reserve – Rosie Hails and Ben McCarthy
  15. Rewilding Knepp Castle estate – Isabella Tree
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