Growing in space: Science beyond the biosphere

Publication date:
February 2016
From the moment humans began launching into space, we have been turning our tools of exploration back towards the Earth itself. Here, we bring together a collection of papers which explore how Earth Observation technology has changed the way we study environments on Earth, what we can learn about the Earth from looking beyond our own biosphere, and the complex ethical questions of how our environmental obligations apply as we explore Space.
  1. What on Earth is Space science useful for? - Lucianne Walkowicz
  2. Is it time for a new perspective in environmental science? - Adam Donnan
  3. Monitoring nature from space: what is so exciting about it? - Nathalie Pettorelli
  4. Satellite Earth Observation and environmental law - Ray Harris and Ray Purdy
  5. The ethics of space exploration - Jai Galliott
  6. Tackling space debris in the orbital environment - Hugh Lewis
  7. Ethics after the Space Act? - Tony Milligan
  8. Space agriculture is bringing farming indoors - Gary Stutte
  9. Trees in Space: no longer the forbidden fruit - Thomas Graham
  10. Unlocking the lunar archive - Louise Alexander

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