Planning a route to sustainable transport

Publication date:
March 2022

In the UK, transport became the largest sectoral emitter of greenhouse gases in 2016, growing to account for 27 per cent of national emissions by 2019. This edition of the journal examines the need for and some of the components of a sustainable and decarbonised transport future and how they may work together. Read about vehicle and fuel options, the opportunities presented by 15-minute cities, how we can enable sustainable consumer behaviour change, air quality and health co-benefits of sustainable transport, a case study of the Solent future transport zone, and more.

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  1. Delivering a different transport future today – Lynda Addison
  2. The route to a better transport future – Justin Bishop
  3. Walking and wheeling: the best route to true 15-minute living? – Mark Philpotts and Chris Fallen
  4. State of the art in decarbonising transport: technologies and fuels – Anthony Velazquez
  5. Green electrons: ending transport’s fossil fuel addiction – Greg Archer
  6. Best practice in mitigating shifting environmental problems – Craig Love
  7. Enabling behaviour change towards sustainable transport choices – Natalie Rees
  8. The challenge of making the case for innovative transport schemes – Andy Cope, Robert Beauchamp and Stephen Cragg
  9. How can sustainable transport benefit air quality and health? – Sam Pollard
  10. The Solent future transport zone programme: an overview – Richard Pemberton
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