The urban environment: 2

Publication date:
May 2008
The second issue on the urban environment focuses on the social and ecological implications of urban living. Management and government, innovation and restoration should be underpinned with sound environmental science to achieve healthier and more environmentally friendly cities. This issues presents potential solutions to achieving to ensuring that socially and environmentally just development is achieved.
  1. The urban environment and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution - Sir John Lawton
  2. Rediscovering the urban jungle - Mark Everard
  3. Will Britain's cities grow in an environmentally just way? - Gordon Mitchell
  4. Pollutants in the urban environment - Carol Pettit
  5. Intelligent office design for urban sustainability - Stellios Plainiotis
  6. Changing the face of the city, once idea at a time - Harry Joll
  7. Preserving our historic urban environment - Carly Brooks; Diana Beattie
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