The value of an environmental science education

Publication date:
November 2020

Environmental education can provide significant benefits above and beyond environmental knowledge. This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST examines opportunities for environmental education – from primary and secondary school to study at university or participation in environmental outreach activities – and the value of widespread environmental literacy to individuals, societies and in addressing global sustainability issues. Read about the role of young people in the environmental movement, career paths that can follow an environmental education, and how to educate for an environmentally resilient economy.

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  1. The value of an environmental science education - Alison Stokes, Elizabeth Price and Michelle Hale
  2. More than just knowledge - Michelle Hale
  3. Widening the appeal of the environment - Mya-Rose Craig
  4. One Planet – One Life - Jan Maskell
  5. Environmental science: an A-level for the 21st century - Richard Genn
  6. New pathways into the profession: environmental apprenticeships - Jackie Rogers and Caroline Sudworth
  7. Education for sustainable development in higher education - Elizabeth Price, James Longhurst, Rehema White, Chris Preist, Kate Mori, Zoe Robinson, Patrick Baughan, Georgina Gough, Carolyn Hayles, Peter Higgins, Petra Molthan-Hill, Catherine Hack and Simon Kemp
  8. Through a student lens: perspectives on environmental science degrees - George Bethell and Mathilda Digby
  9. Building a career in a changing environment - Ethny Childs, Adam Donnan and Pete Shaw
  10. The value of inclusion in environmental science - Piers Wilkinson
  11. Achieving lifelong eco-literacy through adult environmental education - Philip Turvil
  12. How to educate for an environmentally resilient economy - Serena Murdoch, Henry Webb and Jude Daniel Smith
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