Ethny Childs
October 2021

COP26 expert discussion: Catalysing the circular economy

In the run-up to COP26 we have been working with our members, other professional bodies and environmental scientists from across the sector to shape the discussion and launched a number of activities in our STAGES on the road to COP.

For our penultimate theme, Economy, we have been looking into questions of economic transformation, green finance, and our ability to create ‘just transitions’ towards net zero. 

As part of our work for the Economy theme we held an expert discussion meeting of IES members, where attendees took part in a virtual discussion on the topic of the circular economy and its role in supporting climate ambitions. 

The discussion was chaired by COP26 Community member Kripa Dwarakanath, Associate Director at Jacobs.


  • Danni Bourne, Sustainability Consultant at Jacobs
  • Phil Sutton, Founder and Technical Director at Econpro
  • Sheryl Lee, Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University