Simon Spooner
November 2022

COP27 Water Day: Systems of systems approaches for urban water management

How do we use water more efficiently in our cities and also turn them green with nature-based urban systems? How do we change how we farm and manage the land around our cities to provide the food we need but also provide the ecosystem services we need, help to absorb the carbon we have burnt, provide us with clean water and not flood us when the storms come?

Hard urban landscapes are softening with green infrastructure. Sub-urban development needs to integrate into the rural life and livelihoods around us. How do we plan integrated systems of systems from water resources to urban supply, distribution, collection, wastewater treatment, as well as recycle,/reuse/recover water, energy and nutrients used in these systems? How should multiple stakeholders work together to invest in and operate infrastructure and ways of managing the land to provide multiple benefits, understanding their roles and managing contractual relationships for cooperation?

This webinar, presented by Simon Spooner (Atkins), explores these questions and considers what kind of digital twin systems will be required to operate cities as part of a natural and human ecosystem.