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Dominic Sheldon
June 2014

The latest in the Energy Factsheet series looks at ultra High Pressure High Temperature (uHPHT) oil and gas exploitation and how the recent budget will affect its deployment in the UK.

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Emma Fenton
May 2014

Nuclear energy generation has always been hotly debated and this seems unlikely to change with the Government's controversial agreement with EDF over the new development at Hinkley Point.  Although still in the headlines today, nuclear power has been contributing to the UK's energy mix since...

Emma Fenton
January 2014

The debate around fracking has intensified in recent months, with campaigners and local communities entrenched in seemingly intractable positions against the Government and fracking industry. In an attempt to summarise the debate around the environmental effects of fracking the IES has produced...

Ben Du Feu; Maria Lee
May 2013

This technical note seeks to examine the current UK legislative landscape within which the local authority air quality management duties reside.

In the UK Local Authorities have a statutory duty for the management of local air quality (Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 - Part III of the...

Emma Fenton
February 2013

The investigation into Part 2a of the Environmental Protection Act has thrown up a number of different viewpoints on the reasons for the apparent non-uniformity of designation across the UK. The IES has received technical opinions from Justin Taberham, Technical Policy Director at CIWEM and also...

Emma Fenton
February 2013

This report serves as a follow-up to the report on open access that was produced by the IES in July 2012. It will investigate the principles and practice of data sharing as part of the open access movement within the publishing industry.

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