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Gerald Midgley
February 2024
View of sunset over snowy field in woods

We are increasingly facing ‘wicked problems’. While traditional scientific, policy and management approaches can make useful contributions, we need something in addition to these if we want to address more of the complexity and conflict associated with wicked problems. Systems thinking can help...

Angela Goodhand
February 2024
Photo of Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

This webinar provides an overview of a study examining the extent to which the City of London Corporation (CoLC) could influence levels of PM2.5 in the Square Mile.

This was undertaken to prepare for new statutory obligations for local authorities to manage emissions of PM2.5, and...

January 2024

COP28 negotiations culminated in the UAE Consensus, which calls on signatories to "transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner". This represents the first time that a transition away from fossil fuels has been directly addressed in a COP text....

Dr Sophus zu Ermgassen and Shuo Gao
January 2024

Over the past three decades, China’s government has implemented many projects under its ecological compensation policy, including paying compensation fees for habitat creation to redress natural habitat losses caused by development. Researchers at the University of Oxford have compiled diverse...

Elizabeth Fonseca
January 2024

Agriculture is the main source of ammonia emissions in the UK.  These emissions result in both particulate air pollution and terrestrial eutrophication from the deposition of reactive nitrogen onto sensitive habitats.  The Government has set targets and identified technical measures to...

Honor Puciato & Eirini Karagiann
December 2023

In the realm of emissions reporting, numerous frameworks cater to organisations' needs for disclosing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, an important gap persists - the absence of a structured framework for organisations to report on their air pollution emissions. Adding to this...