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Pawel Wargocki
May 2024

Unlike in other disciplines, no agreed rating scheme exists and is used systematically to rate indoor environmental quality.

This webinar presented the basis for development of such a scheme and introduce the new rating scheme called TAIL. The TAIL scheme combines the quality of...

Sian Jones & Katy Losse
April 2024

Extreme weather events are those weather events that are significantly different from the average or usual weather pattern. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more extreme as global temperatures rise. Recent events, such as successive severe storms, high temperatures and...

Ellie Savage
April 2024
deer in grass

UK nature is in crisis. Last year, the State of Nature Report found that the UK was one of the most nature-depleted countries on the planet. Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) are one of the Government's flagship policies to reverse these trends and ensure that local areas in England are...

Adam Brighty
April 2024

The emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and atmospheric pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, are intrinsically linked by the combustion of fuels. With the backdrop of the UK Climate Change Act, legally requiring the UK to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050, as well as...

Kath O'Reilly
April 2024
Photo of rippling water

Wastewater-based epidemiology is the process of using wastewater to monitor levels of pathogens, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in a population and has a number of applications, including acting as an early warning system for outbreaks. Wastewater and environmental surveillance has been in use...

Elaine White
April 2024
photo of yellow digger over brown earth

This webinar series "A day in the life" will share stories and perspectives from environmental professionals working across specialisms and sectors. The series will highlight the breadth of environmental careers and the diversity of routes into the sector. This webinar is part of a subset of the...