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RSSB and Network Rail
March 2021

This IAQM webinar explores the impact of train travel on air quality and covers how the RSSB and Network Rail are leading the rail industry’s efforts to understand and improve air quality. Overall rail emissions may be relatively minor, but these could be significant at a local...

Konstantinos Tzoulas
February 2021

Urban green infrastructure could make significant contributions to physical, psychological, social, and economic determinants of public health. Physical, cognitive, emotional, social, cultural, and biological pathways have been suggested that directly and indirectly link green infrastructure and...

Chloe Fletcher
February 2021

Have you ever considered the impact your listening habits may have on the environment? Do your decisions as a consumer, such as listening to radio on an FM or DAB receiver, a TV or a smart speaker, have an effect on national energy use? Should emissions reduction efforts focus on individual...

Paul Ottley
February 2021

This presentation provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art in terms of the techniques and tools available to assist environmental practitioners to assess odour impact for planning, permitting or nuisance investigation purposes.  ...

Joseph Holden
February 2021

In this webinar, Professor Joseph Holden, Chartered Geographer, Director of Water and Chair of Physical Geography at the University of Leeds, examines recent research on peatlands and investigate the major threats that peatlands face globally. Professor Holden shows how an...

Pete Whitbread-Abrutat
January 2021

As the natural world changes too quickly for comfort and with diminishing viable space for a burgeoning human population, there is a growing agreement that we need to restore damaged environments in a way that re-builds ecological integrity and offers viable socio-economic...