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Adam Cane
June 2023

No matter how technologically advanced we become, there will always be lessons to learn from the natural environment. In recent years beavers have been released in record numbers. This is due in part to the dramatic effect they have on the environment around them and how they can prevent...

Professor Hilary Kennedy
June 2023
Coastal mangrove forest

In this event, we heard from Professor Hilary Kennedy who described the Coastal Blue Carbon Ecosystems (CBCE) of mangroves, saltmarshes and seagrass meadows, covering their role in climate mitigation and the other ecosystem services they provide. Hilary shared details of how human activities are...

Paul Nathanail
May 2023
soil with stones in it and overlaid text "Emerging soil and water contaminants in land contamination risk management, 16th May | 12.30-13.15 | Online"

Emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, are increasingly important considerations as we explore environmental risk and consider the future of scientific approaches to the environment.

In this webinar, Paul Nathanail describes the characteristics of emerging contaminants of concern...

Jess Shaw
May 2023

The built environment uses almost half of the worlds materials extracted each year and as of 2016, the construction and demolition sector in the UK is responsible for 62% (66.2 million tonnes) of the total waste generated.

Demolition has a reputation for being a wasteful industry. Work...

Dr. Andreas Kafizas
May 2023

In this webinar Dr Andreas Kafizas introduced photocatalytic technology and described how for the last 10 years a noise barrier which removes traffic pollution has been developed and tested in Canada and the UK.

We learned how this barrier can make immediate impact in reducing...

Andy O'Dea
May 2023

The sustainable management and reuse of soils on construction sites is a fundamental part of the environmental performance of a project, not to mention its commercial and programme viability. However, this is becoming more and more challenging in the current regulatory climate, with a push away...