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Matt Ösund-Ireland
January 2023

Our climate is changing. We need to understand how existing and future assets and infrastructure may be affected by long term temperature rise and the increased likelihood of extreme events, such as storms and flooding.

This webinar introduced the coupled model intercomparison project (...

Craig Llewellyn, Dr Xiangyu Sheng and Prof Simon Spooner
January 2023

More than half of the world's population now live in cities, with rapid urbanisation expected to continue in the decades to come. This has major implications for the environment, as currently urban populations consume 75% of total natural resources and will exert more pressure on...

Dimitri Zenghelis
January 2023

Economic trends and shifts will have a significant impact on the environmental sector, and the transition to a net zero economy will also have profound implications on businesses and investments.

This webinar explores the interplay between the economy and the environment and ...

Helen McMillan
January 2023

SoBRA’s report Guidance on Assessing Risk to Controlled Waters from UK Land Contamination Under Conditions of Future Climate Change (August 2022) is the first national industry guidance to actively consider how predicted climate change impacts should be incorporated within controlled...

January 2023

This webinar was held after the IAQM AGM 2022 and features a speech from Bernard Fisher, IAQM President, on 20 years of the IAQM and a keynote speech from Prof Helen ApSimon, IAQM Honorary Fellow, on an integrated approach to improving air quality.


Gavin Harper
November 2022

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, the question looms - what to do with the batteries when these vehicles reach the end of life? This webinar will explore the pathways to a circular economy of electric vehicle batteries, considering the reuse and recycling of lithium-ion...