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Hayley Warrens, Rebecca Finbow, Paul Gosling, Emma Wilcox
July 2023

Net Zero, digital transformation, interdisciplinary working: all the emerging circumstances of the next decade are fundamentally interwoven with skills, and the need for complex and urgent upskilling.

This panel discussion presents expert perspectives on the skills needed for the future,...

Shona Brown, Nahyan Mubara, Andrew Doherty, Jack Keen
July 2023

The IES report: 'A challenging environment: Experiences of ethnic minority environmental professionals' highlighted that discrimination at sites is a significant issue, with research participants reporting that they faced substantial discrimination and racial abuse at sites. Ensuring ED&I on...

Emma Clarke, Emma Jenkins, Cathy Maguire, Ella Nierhorster
July 2023

Data and digital innovation will be a key part of realising environmental targets and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. This event explores the different ways that data can support environmental regulation and the ways in which this may change in the future:

Professor Chen Xuechu and Dr James Sippo
July 2023
View of green forested wetlands on a cloudy day.

In this event, we heard from Professor Chen Xuechu and Dr James Sippo, who shared details of their work in China and Australia. Case studies looking at coastal marshes in Shanghai and mangrove ecosystems were covered with a particular focus on the carbon sequestration taking place...

Jo Maniscalco
June 2023
Picture of business presentation in a meeting

Whether it’s standing up in front of hundreds of people at a conference, speaking at your department meeting of 50, or sharing a presentation with your boss – public speaking fills most people with dread and is something many people actively avoid doing.

Yet public speaking is recognised...

Coralie Acheson
June 2023

Archaeology, cultural heritage, the historic environment - these are all terms that get used to talk about one of the more oddly fitting parts of the topics of environmental assessment.

This webinar gave an overview of the key aspects of the discipline before focusing on ways in which it...