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Ellie Savage & Joseph Lewis
December 2023
Cards being shuffled

On the 13th November, Rishi Sunak carried out a government reshuffle. Headlines were dominated by the Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s removal from the Cabinet and the surprise appointment of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary. Further changes were made throughout the...

Lucy Rowland
November 2023
A photograph of a small green seedling emerging from a small pile of soil on top of a stack of pound coins.

We’ve got the headlines from the 2023 salary survey: salaries are up, but with inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, the value of earnings has decreased. But what do our members really think about their environmental career experiences? 

Every two years, we conduct a survey of IES...

Joseph Lewis, Ethny Childs
November 2023
chemical pollution of the environment

This article is taken from 'Transforming the planet: Our vision for the future of environmental science', which sets out a vision for the role of environmental science in facilitating the transition to a sustainable society.

With the long-awaited UK Chemicals Strategy yet to be published...

Marsha Jackson
November 2023
A Google Maps birds eye image of Shingle Mountain in 2020.

environmental SCIENTIST | Seeking Natural Justice | September 2023

Marsha Jackson recounts her fight for environmental justice for her community and proves that grassroots activism can bring about change.

In the heart of the US city of...

Joseph Lewis & Ellie Savage
August 2023
Climate protest and research laboratory with three red lines between them

Since the first environmental movements were formed, they have always had an interdependent relationship with science, drawing on scientific insights to drive environmental action.

Over time, while the core link between environmental science and environmental activists has remained, the...

Paul Nathanail & Shaun Grey
August 2023

environmental SCIENTIST | Unearthing global megatrends in land condition | September 2023

Paul Nathanail and Shaun Grey explain the difficulties of remediating sites affected by these complex chemicals.