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Ethny Childs & Joseph Lewis
February 2022

In Winter 2020, the IES laid out its plans for an ambitious workplan of activities in the run-up to COP26. These focussed on championing the work of professionals in the environmental sciences, promoting the work of experts and evidence around climate change and driving the transformational...

Various authors
October 2021

environmental SCIENTIST | Animal migration | October 2021

Anna Forbes, Oli Back, Mia Ridler, Jess Mead, Joe Pecorelli and Wanda Bodnar outline the latest initiatives to improve the future of the European eel...

Chris Rush
July 2021

environmental SCIENTIST | Improving indoor air quality | June 2021

Chris Rush emphasises that for the best indoor air quality coordinated input is needed at all stages of a building project.

The quality of the environment inside the buildings...

Serena Murdoch, Henry Webb & Jude Daniel Smith
December 2020

environmental SCIENTIST | The value of an environmental science education | November 2020

Serena Murdoch, Henry Webb and Jude Daniel Smith summarise the changes that are needed across the whole education system....

Doug Weir
July 2020

environmental SCIENTIST | Talking tactics: Environmental protection and armed conflicts | June 2020

Doug Weir examines how citizen science could help to protect both people and ecosystems in conflict zones.

Armed conflicts...

Dan Ward
May 2020

The IES are now signatories to the Pledge to Net Zero initiative. Our team have been hard at work collecting data needed to calculate our current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These data cover as many aspects of our operations as we can accurately determine across all three scopes as defined...