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Ken Rubin
October 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Issues for the marine environment | October 2018

Earth is a restless planet, constantly renewing its surface by one or another geological or hydrological process, with the added impacts of human activities. Volcanism is one of the most...

Emma Sheehy & Paddy Fowler
August 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Unintended consequences in environmental science | August 2018

Paddy Fowler speaks to Emma Sheehy about the unintended consequences of a resurgence in pine marten numbers in Ireland and Scotland. Emma...

Simon Eden, Patricia Gill
March 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Challenging perceptions in land condition | February 2018

The mention of asbestos often strikes fear in the thoughts of many people, including professionals in the construction industry, their clients, and members of the general public....

Julian Holloway, Paul O'Hare
January 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Living Labs | December 2017

Social dimensions of sustainability are frequently overlooked in academic and public discourse, despite being a key pillar of the concept alongside economic and environmental sustainability. Sustainability is...

Lucy Erickson
October 2017

environmental SCIENTIST | Science without borders | September 2017

The health of the ocean is inextricably linked to human wellbeing, and fisheries are vital for food security, livelihoods and the sustainable development of billions of people worldwide. In 2014,...

Sarah Legge
May 2017

environmental SCIENTIST | Time for a new Clean Air Act? | April 2017

There have been many calls recently about the need for a new Clean Air Act (CAA), from a wide range of leading groups in the environment and public health fields. But are they all asking for the same...