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Kimberley Thomas
January 2020

environmental SCIENTIST | Reframing and responding to natural disasters | December 2019

Kimberley Thomas challenges over-simplified approaches that frame climate change as the only relevant stressor on socio-ecological systems. ...

Nigel Burton
November 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | The search for tranquility | October 2019

Nigel Burton explains the way that sound is used to increase bat safety around large infrastructure projects. 

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a high-speed railway that is...
Tom Wakeford
September 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | The new radicalism in environmental engagement | July 2019

Tom Wakeford discusses how engagement from the ground up provides a platform that values local cultural knowledge once cast aside by traditional scientism...

Emma Ferranti, James Levine & Rob MacKenzie
April 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | Right Tree • Right Place | March 2019

Emma Ferranti, James Levine and Rob MacKenzie explain the role of vegetation for air quality management in our cities. 


John Morris
April 2019

environmental SCIENTIST | Right Tree • Right Place | March 2019

John Morris explores the environmental archaeology and current challenges of these important ecosystems.

The Chiltern Hills stretch across four counties, from Goring in...

Carolyn Roberts
December 2018

environmental SCIENTIST | Toying with nature: Recreation and the environment | December 2018

Carolyn Roberts outlines the unequal struggle between economic demands, people’s enjoyment and the needs of the environment.

The UK’s National Parks...