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Nick Flynn
September 2013

environmental SCIENTIST | The EU - Red Tape or Green Governance? | August 2013

We need more Europe, not less” Angela Merkel proclaimed in 2012 to the annoyance of eurosceptics. She was speaking in the context of the global financial crisis, but a parallel...

Simon Birkett
June 2013

environmental SCIENTIST | Air Quality - should we have achieved more? | April 2013

Don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air!”

I can still remember the brutal satire of the Tom Lehrer song ‘Pollution’1 in the 1960s. I guess that was what got me...

Emma Fenton
January 2013

As part of the IES' ongoing exploration of the use of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act we asked Robin Graham, Contaminated Land Officer from South Ribble Borough Council to share his opinions of the legislation. This article is a summary of that discussion.


Emma Fenton
January 2013

Justin Taberham is Director of Policy at CIWEM. He shares his thoughts on Part 2A of the EPA below.

Under Part 2A land is Contaminated when either Significant Harm (SH) or the Significant Possibility of Significant Harm (SPOSH) or the Pollution of Controlled Waters...

Clare Wilkinson, Emma Weitkamp
December 2012

environmental SCIENTIST | Communicating Environmental Science | October 2012

Clare Wilkinson and Emma Weitkamp give guidance on how best to communicate with policy-makers.

In recent years environmental scientists and researchers have been increasingly encouraged to...