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Thomas Graham
February 2016

environmental SCIENTIST | Growing in Space: Science Beyond the Biosphere | February 2016

The flow of scientific and technological advances from spaceflight research and development to Earth-based applications is both varied and substantial1. Historically, NASA...

Carolyn Roberts and Robert Ashcroft
February 2016

environmental SCIENTIST | The Impact of Environmental Science Research | November 2015

The theme of research impact was extensively discussed in the November 2015 issue of environmental SCIENTIST. For the purposes of the UK government’s Research Excellence...

Michael Groves
October 2015

environmental SCIENTIST | Our common urban future | August 2015

With cities generating around 80 per cent of global GDP, there is justifiable interest in the application of smart technologies that improve transport and urban services, resource efficiency and citizen...

Dustin Benton and Jonny Hazell
April 2015

environmental SCIENTIST | New materials and the circular economy | March 2015

The circular economy has become a hot topic for business leaders in Europe over the last three years. Spurred by a resource price shock following the financial crisis, many companies are...

Mark Everard
December 2014

environmental SCIENTIST | The UK NEA: What now? | December 2014

The stated intentions and aims of both the 2011 UK National Ecosystems Assessment (UK NEA)1 and the 2014 UK National Ecosystems Assessment Follow-on (UK NEAFO)1 included awareness-raising and...

Enda Hayes and Damian Crilly
November 2014

environmental SCIENTIST | Water Security | October 2014

Although the global population growth rate is declining, the global population count is continuing to increase and is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, with an estimated 70 per cent living in towns and...