Checking in on our Mental Health

Mental health is important. It is something that we all have, in the same way we all have a state of physical health. When our mental health is in a good state, we can make the most of our potential, tackle what life throws at us and play a full part in our circle of family, friends and communities. But if our mental health is not in a good state, we may lose motivation, feel a mixture of emotions and struggle to participate. It can be hard to understand and accept how we are feeling, and we may feel uneasy opening up to others.

Homeschooling support

Our COVID-19 Impact Report highlighted the ways in which the pandemic is affecting our members and explored how we can support our membership further. Nearly 30% of members who took part in the survey are currently homeschooling their children in addition to their job, with over half of these indicating that they do not have enough time to homeschool effectively and a quarter saying that they do not have sufficient educational resources. 

Environmental opportunities of future transport

The way we interact with transport in our urban areas is set to dramatically change over the coming decades. Cities are already seeing the changes with new transport options like scooters, electric vehicles and hire bikes. The introduction of new mobility options, disruptive technology concepts such as mobility as a service (MaaS) and changing trends in travel and vehicle ownership will all affect our cities.

Outdoor CO2 pollution

Almost every week, more and more evidence emerges of the health effects of air pollution. In an effort to tackle this, cities across Europe are discussing “Clean Air Zones” (CAZs), with a primary focus on Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations. A potential consequence, not readily communicated to the public, is that the bigger and marginally more fuel-efficient new vehicles have made little improvement in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.


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