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Kate L'Amie
April 2024
Aerial view of the saltmarsh restoration trial site

Chichester Harbour is a natural harbour on England’s south coast, home to a diverse patchwork of wetland habitats, including swathes of saltmarsh. As well as being a haven for coastal biodiversity and a natural flood defence, saltmarshes are a powerhouse in the fight against climate change,...

Joseph Lewis
December 2023
Basketball players with hands together and overlaid text "Adversarial to integrated: making environmental consenting a team sport"

The IES has published a new report with guidance on how to transform environmental consenting processes into 'a team sport', moving from an adversarial process towards an integrated one.

Read the report: 'Adversarial to integrated: how to make environmental consenting a team sport'.

Ethny Childs
December 2023
Overhead view of the ocean with a wave 2/3 of the way across. Superimposed with text reading "Blue Carbon: wrap-up. #IESTurningTheTide." Bottom right corner features the IES and UN Ocean Decade logos.

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science has been hosting discussions at this year’s COP28 on ocean climate solutions, with the aim to promote the role of science, media, technology and education to achieve ocean solutions for climate action and sustainable development. 


Lucy Rowland
December 2023
small bird sitting on microphone outdoors

Traditional ways of monitoring the species around us will always be of vital importance to ecological surveyors. Taking into account the sounds and sights in the field, experienced surveyors – ornithologists in particular – are experts at work, drawing on their extensive education, skills and...

Caitlín Comins
November 2023
Environmental whistleblowing toolkit banner

Fly tipping, oil spills, illegal burning of waste, agricultural runoffs, methane gas leaks, bribery and fraud: whistleblowers have a key role to play in preventing environmental damage. The Government certainly seemed cognisant of this when it introduced whistleblowing legislation 25 years ago,...

Fazilette Khan
November 2023
A logo with a black dolphin against a white background, with the words GreenSeas Trust in blue writing across the image.

Due to coverage in the media and increased public awareness over the last decade, it’s not surprising that most people have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A part of the Pacific Ocean characterised by its vast accumulation of plastic waste, it covers an area three times the size of...