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Frank Kelly
December 2021
photo of factory pollution

Professor Frank Kelly was elected Honorary Fellow of the IAQM at the IAQM AGM in December 2021. At the meeting he delivered his keynote speech on  the topic of air pollution and public health: emerging hazards and improved understanding of risk.


Alistair Manning
December 2021
photo of city scape

Estimating emissions from atmospheric observations, commonly referred to as 'top-down' or inverse modelling, is a relatively new area of science. Greenhouse and ozone-depleting gases are particularly aligned with inverse modelling because they are, by their very nature, long-lived in the...

Tim Flach
December 2021
Picture of a tiger shaking water out of its fur.

Conservationists and environmentalists have struggled with the question of how to inspire policy change and influence public opinion. The likes of Sir David Attenborough have taught us that imagery and connecting to the natural world are powerful tools in evoking empathy in our policy...

Professor Joanna D. Haigh
November 2021

This year's Burntwood Lecture was presented by Professor Joanna D. Haigh, former Co-Director of the Grantham Institute and awardee of the Institute of Physics' Charles Chree Medal and Prize in 2004. The lecture touched on both the definition and implications of net zero future actions, with...

Paul Eijssen and Tom Moekotte
October 2021

In 2016 Royal HaskoningDHV took the initiative (with support of the Dutch Ministry) to conduct a pilot project to create the first digital interactive Environmental Impact Statement. Now, more than four years later, a variety of project examples are available that have started to apply a digital...

Ashish Sharma
October 2021
Photo of a woman and her child on a speeding motorbike.

Air pollution exposure to young children is a serious concern globally since they are the most vulnerable to the health effects of traffic-related air pollution. In 2017, UNICEF revealed that almost 17 million children, younger than 1 year old, live in severely affected regions of the world...