Joseph Lewis & Ethny Childs
February 2023

Future of ES23: Megatrends wrap-up

Aesthetic pile of stones with sunset and overlaid text "megatrends: future of es23 wrap-up"

Following two months of discussions, articles, briefings, and webinars, the first theme of our Future of ES23 horizon scanning & foresight project is now completed.

Find out all about the megatrends shaping the future of the environmental sciences, as well as how we can harness them to create a better future by catching up on all the latest content:

What next?

Emerging science and expanding frontiers of knowledge will inevitably shape the work of environmental scientists and their place in the world. The scientific process plays a fundamental role in the way society develops and responds to change. As we move from the wide-reaching conversations in our first theme, we will reflect on the ways that environmental science is changing, particularly in response to emerging knowledge and changes in the environment.

Our second theme: 'the science' will serve as a convening space for conversations about emerging science, research and development, and the relationship between science and society.

How can you get involved?