Robert Ashcroft
April 2015

General Election 2015 - The environment in the party manifestos

As the 7th May draws closer, the General Election campaign is nearing its end. However, so far it seems that we've heard relatively little from the prospective candidates and party leaders about their environmental policies. Environmental issues have generally been eclipsed in debate by the economy, jobs, the EU and other topics.

We decided to find out what each party does say about the environment, by turning to their manifestos. These documents are the parties' opportunties to explain their views and policies to the electorate. In the following factsheets we have summarised the party statements across the environmental sectors which feature most frequently. We hope this will form a useful resource, and play a part in enabling our members to make an informed decision on 7th May. As the election's outcome remains uncertain and a coalition is likely, these factsheets (pdfs) may also prove useful in evaluating which of their pledges the parties uphold after the election.

Click on the icons below to download the factsheets.

Air Quality and transport emissions Energy and carbon Fisheries and the marine environment Flooding and hydrology
Food and farming The natural environment Other statements



The IES does not support or endorse any political party. These factsheets simply reflect a summary of the statements made in each party manifesto and are designed to be a useful resource for members and the public.