Professor Mike Elliott and Professor Sian Davies-Vollum
March 2023

#IESTurningTheTide - IES Webinar: The impact of land use on marine environments

View from above of a coastal area with small boats and a pier nearby green tropical plants and houses.

Coastal environments are the nexus of land and sea. Land-based activities have a huge influence on the state and sustainability of coastal and nearshore environments.

This webinar explored the impact that land-based activities are having on marine environments, from both Global South and Global North perspectives. Professor Mike Elliott opened the session, using information from recent publications and projects to indicate the direction of systems thinking which encompasses both natural and social sciences in land-sea interactions. Professor Sian Davies-Vollum then drew on examples from West Africa to give an overview of how land use and activities are impacting the coastal and nearshore environment and the lives of people who live and work there.

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