Wanda Bodnar and Amy Pryor
December 2023

#IESTurningTheTide — Tides of Change: Exploring the Resilience and Restoration of the Thames Estuary

View of the Thames Estuary showing a boat in the top left corner and a view of London skyscapers in the distance in the top right corner.

In this event, we heard from Wanda Bodnar and Amy Pryor from the Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP). Wanda first provided an overview of the natural history and ecology of the Thames Estuary in the last 200 years, summarising the reasons for its decline and recovery in the past, its current state and the future challenges in the face of the climate emergency. The session ended with Amy Pryor sharing details on the Tideway Tunnel, climate change and the Joint Thames Strategies Refresh project.

This webinar was adapted from the 'Introduction to the Thames Estuary - Online Course' developed by the Thames Estuary Partnership, which has received short course endorsement from the IES.

This event was organised as part of our Turning the Tide: systems thinking for a sustainable ocean project, which has been endorsed as a UN Ocean Decade Activity.

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