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Blaise Kelly
August 2019

How does indoor and outdoor CO2 affect us? Blaise Kelly explores the impact of CO2 levels looking back to pre-industry levels and towards the potential future worst-case scenario.

Linsey Cottrell and Paddy Fowler
June 2019

Switch your search engine

Ecosia is an alternative to the main leader in search engines. Profits from your searches are used to plant trees – what’s not to like! A counter appears with every search to keep track of your impact.

Estimate your carbon...
Robert Ashcroft
January 2015

Since 1997 all local authorities have been carrying out reviews and assessments of air quality. If this monitoring highlights areas where the national air quality objectives are unlikely to be met, under the Environment Act 1995 they are required to designate an Air Quality Management...

Jonathan Turner; Jenna Edgar
March 2013

The ODA and LOCOG set themselves tough sustainability targets for the delivery of Games. These infographics demonstrate how far they got in achieving those targets. 

These images are taken from the February 2012 edition of the environmental SCIENTIST. To receive paper copies of...