Daniel Quiggin, Murray Dale and Lucy Hubble-Rose
July 2022

Managing and communicating climate risk

The World Meteorological Society recently reported that there is a fifty-fifty chance of the world reaching 1.5°c of warming by 2026. This webinar underlines the importance of understanding, managing and communicating climate risk effectively. 

Hear from expert speakers on the topic of climate risk: what it is, case studies on how it can be managed and the best ways to communicate risk to key stakeholders. We are joined by three speakers exploring this important topic: 

  • Climate risk assessment - How to convey the most important climate risks to decisions makers, Dr Daniel Quiggin, Chatham House - An example of constructing engaging and easy to understand climate risk assessment information for heads of government, whilst minimising the potential of oversimplifying the complexity of the science
  • Climate risk management, Murray Dale, JBA Consulting - Converting climate projections into meaningful decision support guidance and tools to better manage climate risk
  • From climate risk to climate policy? Adventures connecting decision-makers and researchers, Lucy Hubble-Rose, University College London