Richard Broadbent
December 2014

Science and the law webinar - Richard Broadbent, Natural England

In a fascinating webinar, Richard Broadbent of Natural England, discussed the idea of the scientific method and how the resultant concepts of scientific confidence and uncertainity influenced the legal concept of the Precautionary Principle upon which EU environmental policy is based. Other approaches to regulation and environmental law and policy were presented, including the Water Framework Directive and the Aarhus Convention.
For those of you who missed or would like to relive the lecture, Richard's slides are available on our slideshare site and a recording of the webinar (with the beginning clipped due to technological difficulties) can be viewed below or via our youtube channel

We're looking forward to offering more webinars in the future, and our next one will have the facility to dial in via a UK number as requested. If you have any particular topic you would like to see covered, or have any specific feedback or questions for Richard, please get in touch.