Jonathan Morley and Francesca Caggiano
October 2023

Is the Site Water Tight?

Flooding and drainage are highly topical issues in the UK at the moment and are key considerations under the planning regime. Flood risk can often constrain the type and scale of development that will be permitted at a site.

This webinar helped us to understand how sites interact with water, including how to ensure a development will be safe from flooding, the need to improve water quality in the wider environment and how water is a cornerstone for healthy ecological habitats. 

 - Identifying potential risk and when a Flood Risk Assessment is needed
  - Climate change allowances and their application
 - Key flood risk considerations and mitigation options
 - Surface water drainage / Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
 - Taking a holistic approach to water environment issues (e.g. new London Plan, WFD)