Nicola Harries
May 2021

SuRF-UK - a whistle-stop tour of its resources

SuRF-UK is the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Remediation Forum – an initiative set up to progress the UK understanding of sustainable remediation. The process of identifying sustainable remediation is defined by SuRF-UK as “the practice of demonstrating, in terms of environmental, economic and social indicators, that the benefit of undertaking remediation is greater than its impact and that the optimum remediation solution is selected through the use of a balanced decision-making process.”

Since SuRF-UK's launch in 2007, it has now published a large amount of resources that are all freely available to support sustainable remediation practice. A sustainable approach to land contamination risk management is supported by regulators, and supporting guidance now sign posts to the SuRF-UK approach to assessing the sustainability of soil and groundwater remediation. This webinar provides a summary of SuRF-UK's resources, how to access them and when they would be useful. 

This is a must-see for all Land Condition professionals working in remediation.