Vicki Hird
November 2020

Webinar: Development of agri-environment schemes in post-Brexit England

This is a period of huge change and uncertainty when it comes to future farm and related environment policy. Whilst there is a new Agriculture Bill and Environment Bill in development – the former almost done, the latter woefully delayed  - the regulations, support schemes, advice and wider package of farm policy are still being formed. This leaves a lot of unknowns on the capacity of UK government to adequately support farmers in protecting the environment as they manage the land, provide a strong regulatory baseline and enforcement and ensure the wider environmental challenges are being tackled including the climate emergency and nature crisis.

In this webinar, Vicki Hird Head of Sustainable Farming at Sustain, explores where we are in terms of the English Environmental Land Management Scheme. Vicki covers her experience of being a stakeholder over the past 2 years. She explores how this sits in terms of other developments and where the gaps still lie for ensuring environmental protection in England.