Will Pope
February 2018

Webinar: Entrepreneurship in the Environment with Will Pope

This webinar is the first part of our new webinar series 'Entrepreneurship in the Environment' which will explore the culture and attitudes around entrepreneurship in the environmental science sector. Over the coming months, we will hear from a range of successful entrepreneurs, who have pioneered innovated and grown businesses in the sector. Our speakers will share their experiences and discuss key challenges and opportunities they faced when establishing their businesses.

More broadly, the series will attempt to explore how prevalent the entrepreneurial spirit is within environmental science and will challenge the viewpoint that innovation only comes from engineers and product designers, not scientists. It will also explore the skills environmental scientists need to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Our first speaker was Will Pope, CEO of Microbial Solutions Limited and Vice President of the IES has a wealth of experience, leadership and expertise gained from senior roles within industry, the NHS and academia. Some would categorise him as a serial entrepreneur, having started up, developed or grown, and then successfully exited six businesses, achieving impressive exit multipliers. His past companies have won numerous innovation and technology awards.

During this webinar, our CEO, Adam Donnan, interviews Will about his career and successes to date and explores the wealth of experience Will has gained as an entrepreneur in environmental science.  

Do you know any environmental science entrepreneurs?

If you know any environmental science entrepreneurs who would be a great addition to this series then please put them forward. We are looking for graduates with innovative ideas or in the initial stages of establishing a business, through to retired entrepreneurs who can provide a retrospective viewpoint. All suggestions are welcome, please send them through to Rhianna.