Colin Green
November 2018

Webinar: Identification & analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons & tars

Until recently, identifying and analysing for TPH, tars etc. has relied on laboratory GCs. However, measuring fluorescence across the UV and visible range can, in three minutes, identify and analyse petroleum or coal tar derived hydrocarbon contamination of liquids and solids immediately on site or in a laboratory. This method provides quantitative values for TPH, DRO, GRO as well as total BTEX, total PAHs and Benzo(a)pyrene in soil, groundwater and waste streams. It also measures the percentage of coal tar in asphalt and similar materials but “ignores” natural organics such as leaf mold, which other methods may include in TPH values.

In this webinar, Colin Green, Managing Director and Chief Scientist at QROS Ltd, discusses how getting accreditation for mobile methods is being overcome by UKAS accreditation of static units and the support they are getting from the Environment Agency.