William Bateman
October 2019

Webinar: Turning waves into rock: Protecting beaches from erosion

Coastal erosion is a growing global problem, driven by more frequent and increasingly intense storms, leading to a loss of land, and infrastructure, and also higher flood risks. Coral reefs are great natural barriers that already protect millions of people and provide essential habitats for many marine species. They also cause larger waves to break offshore, dissipating their energy before they reach the beach. Yet these destructive waves also contain a vast amount of energy. 

What if we could use this energy for good? What if we could power the protection of our coastline from the very thing that would otherwise destroy it? In this talk Will Bateman, CEO of CCell Renewables Ltd, explores the core problem and why erosion has become an issue, before touching on the mechanics of the CCell solution. The webinar covers CCell's history and technical developments over the last five years, from laboratory testing to the beach.