From the macro to the micro: analysis from the IES

Adam Donnan
July 2017

Over the past 12 months the IES has been developing a new strategy which will guide the organisation over the next three years. In a series of blogs, IES CEO Adam Donnan explains the thinking behind the strategy and how it will change the work of the Institution. 


Dr Nathalie Gilbert
July 2017

The Lea Catchment is a tributary of the River Thames and London’s second river. Its source is in Luton before meandering its way through Hertfordshire and forming the boundary with Essex. Once the river flows under the M25 it changes in character from relatively natural to highly...

Dr Jacqueline Hannam
July 2017

Exploring how soil technology can help ensure a sustainable future in food production.

Land comprises a range of natural resources including soil and water that are under increasing demands from a growing human population. To avoid degradation, these natural assets require...

Michelle Reeve
June 2017

Our annual membership survey not only collects quantitative responses, but also gives members a chance to provide written feedback on our membership services.

Once we've summarised the numerical results (see our Membership Survey report), the Project Office discusses the written...

Dr Lesley Sloss
June 2017

The recent advancement of power generation technology has provided a new opportunity for coal. Through the progression of new technologies increasing power generation efficiency, alongside the development of safe capture and storage of carbon dioxide reducing emissions, the concept of ‘clean...

Robert Ashcroft
Discussion paper
May 2017

Sooner than expected, the nation is returning to the polls. Backed by Parliament, Theresa May has called a General Election for the 8th June 2017, three years earlier than anticipated under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

We are therefore turning our attention to the parties’ manifestos,...


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