Adam Donnan
18 April 2019

AGM 2019 results

The 2019 AGM saw a number of important changes to the IES governance voted through and new Council members elected.

The Charity Commission came back with minor changes to our proposed object change; their approved final version is:

"To advance environmental protection and improvement by promoting a scientific approach to understanding and ensuring the conservation of the physical and natural environment. To advance the education of the public by the provision of research and coordination of education, and to engage with those professionally concerned with environmental work, education or studies."

The Council determined that this was materially equivalent to the object on the resolution so that the proxy votes should count towards the object change.

All resolutions were passed so the IES is now operating under new Articles (pdf) and Byelaws (pdf).

New trustees elected
Elizabeth Mullings-Smith
Oliver Puddle
Rebecca Jessup

Re-elected trustees
Eleni Antoniades, Jonathan Atkinson, Linsey Cottrell, Iain Hossack

Other appointments
At the Council meeting following the AGM, Claire Holman, was elected by the other trustees as an Appointed Director. Phil Holmes was elected as a Vice President in recognition of his service on Council and as Honorary Secretary.