Creating a sustainable future: the Decade of Ocean Science

Publication date:
March 2021

From marine pollution to the unsustainable production of food and our changing climate, the wellbeing of people and the ocean is inextricably intertwined. The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) aims to provide a framework to generate the global ocean science needed for sustainable development of our shared ocean. This edition of the environmental SCIENTIST examines the 10 challenges of the Decade where efforts will be concentrated. Read about the impacts of climate change on coastal systems, actions needed for sustainable marine food production, building resilience to coastal hazards, and how marine professionals and coastal residents can work together to increase ocean literacy. 

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  1. Towards a sustainable ocean economy - Vladimir Ryabinin
  2. The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–2030 - Edward Hill
  3. Marine pollutants and contaminants - Michael Elliot
  4. Challenger 150 - Kerry Howell
  5. A source of nutritious food - Colin Moffat
  6. Industry engagement with the Ocean Decade - David Millar
  7. Climate-change impacts on coastal systems - Daniela Schmidt
  8. Where warming land meets warming sea - Katharine R. Hendry and Christian März
  9. Multi-hazard early-warning services - Steve Hall
  10. Building resilience to coastal hazards using tide gauges - Angela Hibbert
  11. Ocean data, information and knowledge systems - John Siddorn
  12. The Global Ocean Observing System - Emma Heslop
  13. Mapping the world’s ocean - Helen Snaith
  14. The coastal based approach - Natasha Bradshaw, Bob Earll, Peter Barham, Amy Pryor and Mark Everard
  15. The Plover Rovers - Scott Xavi Gudrich
  16. Blue Communities in Southeast Asia - Victoria Cheung, Andy Bell, Lota Creencia, Lora E. Fleming, Hong Ching Goh, Carya Maharja, Karyn Morrissey, Isabel Richter, Amy Yee-Hui Then and Melanie C. Austen
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