Environmental risk: At bursting point?

Publication date:
December 2022

By understanding risk, we can see potential futures and pathways for the society and economy we want to create for future generations. As the global community makes decisions about which approach to take to the interconnected issues of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution, we must grapple with many of these concepts lest we cross thresholds from which we cannot return.

This edition of environmental SCIENTIST unites interdisciplinary voices to share understandings of risk, revealing how its consideration is also increasingly crucial beyond the scientific community.

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  1. Risk: a fundamental lens for examining the human and natural world – Joseph Lewis
  2. Framing risk for environmental science and environmental scientists – David Viner
  3. Peeling apart the theory of risk – Joseph Lewis
  4. Climate change and existential risk – Luke Kemp
  5. Translation at the research–policy interface: risk-based decision-making for net zero – Mark Workman, Erik Mackie, Irena Connon, Emily Shuckburgh and Alyssa Gilbert
  6. Are we jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? – Duncan McLaren
  7. The role of cities in tackling climate-related risks – David Dodman
  8. Remediation of a domestic property following an escape of oil – Conor Armstrong and Adam Bamford
  9. The risks and impacts of deep seabed mining – Nicky Jenner and Pippa Howard
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