Simon Spooner
November 2022

COP27 Energy Day - Combustion Transition Framework

The real reason for our climate crisis is not fossil fuels or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions …. they are just symptoms of our addiction to using combustion chambers that power our industrial society. Each of us own combustion systems and value the services of heat, power and mobility that they provide. Our wanting of those services gives value to fossil fuels and results in GHG emissions, air pollution and relentless consumption of resources, both natural and human. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives available right now for each combustion system, that provide the same services but without all the damage and suffering.

The Combustion Transition Framework sets out an approach with metrics for analysing, policies for planning and tools for accelerating the transformation of our infrastructure, to build a stronger economy with a healthy environment. A sustainable net-zero society, will be a post combustion society.